Flamborough’s Early Spring Opening

As the frost retreats and the sun stretches its arms, Flamborough Hills Golf Club emerges from its winter slumber like a seasoned golfer eyeing the fairway.

Here’s the delightful scoop on our early spring opening and the pristine conditions awaiting you:⁠

Lush Greens

The snow has melted, revealing velvety greens that beckon your golf balls. Our fairways are like a freshly pressed suit—smooth, inviting, and ready for action.⁠

Birdies and Breezes

The air carries the promise of birdies, and the breeze whispers secrets of perfect putts. Grab your clubs, polish your shoes, and let’s tee off into a season of magic.⁠

Flamborough Hills Magic

What makes us special? Picture this: rolling hills, sun-dappled ponds, and fairways that seem to stretch to infinity. Our 27-hole championship course is a canvas where golf dreams come alive.